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Fresco Sound

We create visually appealing websites that are up to date with all the new web technologies and trends. Our websites work on all platforms such as mobile or tablet devices and have a user-friendly backend that is easy to use.

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Kuns Kabouters

There is nothing better for a child than art and baking & cooking! It provides hours of enjoyment and is also the perfect way for mom and toddler to “bond” Art is not only a fun pastime, it is also a great education for young children:

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Little Einsteins

little einsteins promotes discussion, socializing, curiosity and using your 5 senses. Exploring your natural environment, problem solving and considering maths concepts while developing an inquisitive mind

Kuns Kabouters

Little Einstein’s

Little Einstein’s is educational program.

Not only are we inspired by children of all ages but we strive to see them happy and confident Our vision is to remain the leaders in the respected children’s We are here to assist schools, teachers, parents with a service and product that enriches, supports and celebrate childhood We continuously learn from children of all ages and try to assist them with the fast changing and demanding world Our mission is to provide a professional yet fun programme at schools and various venues. We promote a good self-image while having fun We also strive to develop and grow your child to his/her fullest

Little Einsteins