Bite into a Slice of Life with Farm Fresh Bread Baked Daily!

Why Stone Milled flour

Stone milling is the way flour was made for thousands of years before electricity came onto the scene - but lately, it's having something of a renaissance. Flour is becoming as exciting an ingredient to explore as chocolate or butter. The gentle grinding of this gem that is a living germ - the seed at the core of all things baked is milled with care & time to a delicate fine flour makes the bread easily digestible & brings a zest for life into your home. Read more...

Our story

Our team at Fresco™ will magically whisk you back in time with wholesome bread that has been baked using only pure stonemilled flour that has been grown and ground the ancient way grown in harmony with nature right in the heart of our region - in the Midlands setting where pristine water springs flow - pure water with natural flour knead is placed to cure & baked in scorching ovens resulting in fresh & delicious esculent - truly the staff of life, indeed a gift from our Creator, served to kings & subjects alike, enjoyed universally across all ages dependably twenty-four-seven. Read more...

All-Natural Bread

The only daily loaf in South Africa that is 100% free of any preservatives, chemicals, artificial additives apart from being made with local, stonemilled, GMO-free and unbleached flour!

Brown Bread

These tall golden loaves have a wonderful homemade flavor

White Bread

This straightforward loaf is the white bread of your dreams, and its fluffy slices make for evenly browned toast

Our Promises and Values

We remain committed to using the best ingredients because we strive towards creating a healthy bread culture and flair for flour in South Africa, as you know We Love Loafin’ and Bake with Love every time! People drive miles just to bite into a slice of life at Fresco™


Freshness is Us

Tradition and Passion drive us to make bread better for us, better for our communities and better for the planet!

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