Our Story


Our team at Fresco™ will magically whisk you back in time with wholesome bread that has been baked using only pure stonemilled flour that has been grown and ground the ancient way grown in harmony with nature right in the heart of our region - in the Midlands setting where pristine water springs flow - pure water with natural flour knead is placed to cure & baked in scorching ovens resulting in fresh & delicious esculent - truly the staff of life, indeed a gift from our Creator, served to kings & subjects alike, enjoyed universally across all ages dependably twenty-four-seven.

About our Bread Range: A team with undying passion for people have decided to launch The Stonemilled Daily Bread made with 100% pure stoneground flour. Our team works away tirelessly, mixing magical ingredients day & night, kneading, pounding, flouring up the bakery & firing up the ovens. So which ever you select from our tried and tested range of Classic White Bread, Flavourful Brown Bread or the All-Natural Bread, your taste-buds are bound to be captured by a fresh, warm, delicious & hearty loaf of bread with incomparable flavor, appetising aroma that creates a mouth-watering desire for a host of sandwich options & an ideal companion to any meal or hot drink every time, or simply enjoy the full whole-some taste neat!

Every slice of bread is a friendly overture of nature, the smile of a big grain field and the breath of nature!

We strive towards creating a healthy bread culture and flair for flour in South Africa because We Love Loafin’ and Bake with Love!


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